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McDonald's in Japan has found a way around the meat supply scare in Asia. Shanghai Husi Food Co, which supplies fast food joints with beef, pork and chicken, was found allegedly repackaging rotten meat. The expired meat was then sold under a new expiration date. The recall has created a shortage of fast food staples.

While chicken nuggets simply are not an option under those circumstances, McNuggets aren't getting completely stripped from the menu. Instead, the fast food king will sell Tofu Shinjo McNuggets

This faux McNugget might look just like the real thing, but it is made of white fish, tofu, edamame, soy beans and carrots. That combination is then shaped into the same ovals as regular McNuggets and deep fried to the same golden brown color. The nugget is mushy inside, but has the same crispy textured exterior as a regular McNugget. It is, if you will, a knockoff nugget. 

Tofu Shinjo McNuggets will be sold until early September, and only in Japan. The chain told CNN these nuggets were in the works long before news of the meat scandal became public. Japanese McDonald's also found a new meat supplier for their chicken products, looking to Thailand instead of Shanghai for safe meat. While they were able to find a new supplier, they are still lacking the chicken from Chick Crisp Muffin and Chicken Egg Muffin. 

Here is an adorable little boy enjoying some not-real nuggets:

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