Update: Jamie Dimon Twitter Account Doesn't Belong to Jamie Dimon

We were fooled. This post has been corrected.

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Editor's Note: Well, we got fooled. This account is not affiliated with Jamie Dimon or JPMorgan Chase. It's now identifying itself as a parody account, which is likely the only reason it hasn't been deleted by Twitter. We regret the error and apologize to Mr. Dimon.

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon joined Twitter Wednesday afternoon in a momentous embrace of social media, using the handle @JPMorganCEO and tweeting these scintillating words:

Really, Jamie, you shouldn't have! In response, the Twitterati naturally provided a warm welcoming party for one of Wall Street's more sympathetic bankers:

Well, make that not so warm. We're happy to have you on board, Global Media Relations Department Mr. Dimon.  

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