Buffalo Wild Wings Dips Into the Taco Business

In a majority investment, Buffalo Wild Wings is taking over Rusty Taco. More tacos for everyone. 

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Rusty Taco, the Mexican fast food chain known for the slogan "Tacos are the most important meal of the day," will now have to acknowledge an equally important meal: wings. Today, Buffalo Wild Wings announced a majority investment into the small chain.

Based in Dallas, Texas, the taco chain has spread to nine locations since opening shop in 2010. The stores are throughout Texas, Minnesota and Colorado.

"Rusty Taco's fresh approach to tacos truly sets this concept apart," Kathy Benning Buffalo Wild Wings' executive vice president, said in a statement. "Buffalo Wild Wings' investment is part of our strategy to partner with emerging restaurant concepts that have the potential for significant growth, can work throughout the country and have a highly engaged management team with a passion to grow the business."

At the same time, Buffalo Wild Wings also announced a smaller, minority investment in PizzaRev, a California based assembly-line style pizza chain. Benning explained the investment expansion, "As part of our long-term growth strategy, we are actively looking for additional concepts to invest in to build a portfolio of emerging brands, and continue to build a dynamic restaurant company."

Neither company has disclosed the exact terms of the deal and it is unclear if either Rusty Taco or PizzaRev will change their menus to incorporate Buffalo Wild Wings options. Employees at the Rusty Taco location in Dallas were unsure if any taco options would change, but expressed their love of wings on the phone to The Wire.

This announcement came on the same day as Burger King hinted at a possible merger with iconic Canadian coffee shop chain Tim Hortons.

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