Watch the World's First Non-Medical Marijuana Commercial

Starring His Royal Cannabis Majesty the Crop King.

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A Canadian marijuana breeder company has launched what it calls "the world's first marijuana commercial," and it's ... something.

The Vancouver-based Crop King Seeds has not aired the spot yet, but posted the commercial-slash-PSA to YouTube with the message:

We wanted something that not just advertise [sic] our company but also something that promotes a healthier alternative to alcohol and tobacco. We want to break the stigma that marijuana has earned from years of media brainwash and manipulation.

And sure, it's not the first first marijuana commercial – just the first not about medical marijuana, and one to make a not-so-subtle dig at legislation preventing the sale of recreational marijuana. "We only stock the liquid alternative," the store owner in the commercial says. "You know, the kind that leads to violence, social problems, the occasional gruesome death."

Of course, Crop King's sales are limited to Canada. In the U.S., Colorado and Washington are the only states to allow the legal recreational sales of pot. If the Crop King's looking to conquer new domains...

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