Judge Rules Donald Sterling Cannot Block the Sale of the Clippers

Shelly Sterling is one step closer to handing over the Clippers to Steve Ballmer. 

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A California judge has made a decisive ruling against Donald Sterling, and Shelly Sterling became one step closer to selling the Los Angeles Clippers. Judge Michael Levanas gave an "oral tentative statement decision," which stated Shelly Sterling was legally able to sell the team to Steve Ballmer for $2 billion.

In order for her to make the deal with Ballmer, the team was removed from the Sterling Family Trust when Donald Sterling was ruled mentally incapacitated. His legal team argued that she illegally handed his medical documents over to authorities, therefore illegally removing him from the trust. 

Judge Levanas said, "Rochelle's testimony was far and away more credible than Donald. Donald's answers were often evasive and, in one instance, were inconsistent with his previous testimony."

Still, the story may not be completely over yet. Donald Sterling has two other lawsuits pending, one in which he accuses his wife and Steve Ballmer of violating corporate law, and another seeking $1 billion from the NBA. However, today's ruling was issued under a California provision that allows the sale to continue "as if no appeal were pending."

But for now, Shelly Sterling is understandably thrilled (as is the NBA) that she can move at least one step closer to the sale of the Clippers:

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