Family Claims Foam Sumo Suit Wrestling Led to Teenager's Brain Damage

As if you needed another reason never to wear one of these things. 

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The family of a 15-year-old Miami-area girl is suing an events company claiming she suffered a brain injury while wearing one of their "sumo suits" during her school's "Spirit Day" activities. The event called for wrestling in the large, padded foam suits, but led to disaster. 

The 9th-grade student fell off of the mat while wrestling, hitting her head on the ground three times. She was sent back to class and then to the hospital when she started complaining of blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Since the incident, the girl has had trouble speaking and is experiencing anxiety. Her mother told CBS Miami, "The second time [she fell] she told the gentleman that her head was hurting and she was seeing blurry and she didn’t want to do it anymore and he told her that she had to do it three times.The third time she was finally knocked down and they stood her up and sent her to class."

The family is now suing both the school and the company, Mega Party Events, for damages. Her mother says her daughter now behaves like a seven-year-old, saying, "It’s not my daughter. It’s a completely different person."

The Wire spoke by phone to an employee of Mega Party Events, who explained their suits are quite padded, and do require helmets. They are still available for rent through the company at this time. The owner of Mega Party Events, Adrian de la Rosa, told CBS, "Our attendants are very well-trained. The truth will come out one day."

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