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Rejoice, Canadian risk takers and chip lovers. PepsiCo Canada has introduced a new Doritos flavor, "Doritos Roulette." This bag of chips is full of delicious, nacho cheesy goodness with a handful of insanely, crazy hot chips thrown in. The chips look the same, so you never know what you are going to get. 

Doritos Roulette has become an online sensation, as YouTubers post videos of themselves consuming a bag, waiting to get a hot chip. Similar to the Cinnamon Challenge fad, this is being called the Doritos Roulette Challenge. The spicy chips have been called "dangerous" and "a solid slap in the face." One YouTuber said it did not taste like "any spicy nacho I've ever had before. It's actually spicy. It tastes like I'm doing shots of hot sauce." The chips also made testers' eyes water.  

This seems like it would also be a big hit in the States, but a PepsiCo Canada spokesperson did not disclose to Business Insider when or if Doritos Roulette would come to America.

Doritos Roulette in action:

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