What Is the Craziest Thing You've Done for Money?

Ever been used for a science experiment? Or clean a boat full of razor blades?

National Journal

A Reddit user Monday has already provided a wider glimpse of the hundreds of professions available in the U.S. economy and their median pay: from anesthesiologists at the top to fast-food cookers at the bottom. But the jobs listed didn't necessarily cover the absurd.

For that, another Reddit user started a comment stream on the most [redacted] thing you've ever done for money. The answers from the thread are not verified in any way, and as you can imagine some are incredibly not safe for work. But the postings do capture some of the more bizarre parts of the economy.

Here are some of the answers that stood out, some official and some for fun (and which were safe to show):

Willycamps78: I once climbed inside of a ships septic tank to clean it. I was on my hands and knees with my friend and a scrapper to get up the super hardened s*** that was stuck to the walls, ceiling, and floor.

MomoTheCow: I let a medical researcher inject me with saltwater so he could record how much pain I was in. Twice.

Vigilantefranz1: When I was a kid, I sold my neighbor one of Shaq's rap albums for $5

MonsterMash62: I was once paid to clean out a boat that police sold at auction. It was full of bilge water... and shell casings, razor blades, a machete and trash. It felt so weird that the police just released it without pulling some of that stuff out of there.

Another time, I was paid to sell 7500 feet of used firehose. That was an unbelievable mess. Who wants used firehose? Crazy farmers from Idaho. They were brilliant and they took it all away.

JimBulloosheet: Forced eviction.

Nothing like walking into someone's house, bagging all their crap in garbage bags and setting it on the curb. It was a little unnerving moving the baby crib.

I_spy_w_my_Goldeneye: I used to work at Comcast.

H/T Tyler Cowen