Marissa Mayer Apologizes for Her Poorly Timed Nap

Earlier this week, the business press revealed the shocking secret that Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, is a human being who requires sleep.

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Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal revealed the shocking secret that Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, is a human being who requires sleep. After twenty hours of being awake, Mayer took much needed nap. The result of that nap, however, was quite unfortunate. Mayer was almost two hours late to a dinner set up by the Interpublic Group (IPG), missing the opportunity to meet with some of the most important media buyers and advertisers in the world during the Cannes advertising festival.

Initially, Mayer did not comment on the alleged nap. Now, she has come forward with an apology. In an interview with Bloomberg, Mayer said she apologized for lateness and said she did "feel really badly." She elaborated, "“I feel like our ad story is really resonating and I’m really quite happy with it. I think the dinner is unfortunate how much attention it’s gotten. I was late. I apologized to IPG at the time and in no way meant for it to be a slight to them."

Other CEO's are making light of the situation. Box Inc. CEO Aaron Levie said the only news here is that apparently, "Marissa does sleep." Mayer felt comforted someone was on her side, "I did always appreciate that Aaron can see the humor in things." 

While some are taking it lightly, and others are shocked that important people do actually nap, it turns out that Mayer might actually have a history of being late to very important meetings. Chief Correspondent at Business Insider Nicholas Carlson (who is writing a book about Mayer) says it's an ongoing problem:

So, perhaps Mayer was just standing them up, or making them sweat. Or maybe she's a human who requires z's like the rest of us.

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