Illicit Sex Tape at the Center of GlaxoSmithKline's Chinese Bribery Scandal

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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is currently under investigation in China for a massive bribery network built to inflate drug prices. The operation successfully generated $150 million in illegal sales and involved doctors, hospital employees, and industry officials in Beijing and Shanghai. Three executives — Mark Reilly, Zhao Hongya, and Zhang Guowei — were the kingpins of the operation, however, it seems Reilly is really the standout suspect in this case.

On top of his role in this scheme, it appears that Reilly was the star of a sex tape that was sent to executives at GSK. The tape was recorded without Reilly's knowledge or consent and it is of him and his girlfriend (Reilly has an estranged wife.) Right now, it is unclear if his girlfriend recorded the tape, or if it was the doing of a third party. After the tape was recorded, it was retrieved and emailed to GSK executives. GSK has allowed Reilly to hire Peter Humphrey, a private investigator, to look into how this tape was made and distributed

The Sunday Times claims it was the sending of this tape, in the spring of 2013, kicked off the investigation into Reilly's crime ring. GSK would not comment as to the relationship between the tape and the investigation. Reuters was unable to confirm the exact link either. Arguably, someone was looking for some harsh payback on the mob boss. 

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The bribery investigation has caused buyers to avoid GSK. The company already called the investigation and Reilly's actions "shameful." The case just reached a whole new level of shame, however: the Kim Kardashian kind. 

Right now, Reilly's location is unknown though he was banned from leaving China. His lawyer has not commented on the tape. Reilly is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison, as China takes cases of bribery extremely seriously. He is also facing a lifetime of embarrassment, as co-workers have now seen him in the ultimate compromising position. 

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