Dov Charney Isn't Going Quietly

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Dov Charney was recently ousted from his longtime role as CEO of American Apparel. As the founder of the company, it is not shocking that he is fighting back. On Monday, Charney submitted a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, indicating he hopes to speak with shareholders to make changes to the board. His end goal is to seek reinstatement into company management. 

Charney has a long history of accusations of sexual harassment, assault, and just being an all-around creepy dude. In voting him out of his position, the American Apparel board cited these accusations, specifically pointing to violations of the company's sexual harassment policy. The board also found Charney had settled with (or paid off) employees over charges of sexual harassment. In the termination letter, the board detailed the costs they have endured because of Charney's behavior towards employees. A source told the New York Times that while Charney was CEO, several financial institutions refused to work with American Apparel. 

This source also claims the board has long been aware of Charney's behavior, but chose now, very suddenly, to terminate him. “Mr. Charney believes that such termination is without merit and intends to contest it vigorously,” states the SEC filing. Charney is still American Apparel's largest shareholder.

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