Wait, Seriously, Donald Sterling is Selling the Clippers This Time

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Late last night, Donald Sterling's lawyers claimed he would be willing to take the NBA to court over ownership of the L.A. Clippers, saying he will "fight to the bloody end." That might prove difficult since a report this afternoon says Sterling already sent a letter to the NBA agreeing to sell his share of the team.

By our count, this is about the eighth time that Donald Sterling has changed his mind. Or maybe his camp is just putting out misleading information to confuse the masses before the June 3 NBA owners vote. 

This new development is in line with Shelly Sterling's alleged plan to sell the team and last week's report that Sterling had agreed to transfer ownership to her. A potential bidder on the Clippers said Mrs. Sterling was accepted bids until 2 p.m. on Thursday (see update below), and announcing a prospective new owner on Friday in order to beat the NBA vote. 

The NBA has also said they have received separate statements from Donald and Shelley Sterling about the charges against them, so, it is possible that the estranged couple is still at odds over the sale of the team.

Whatever the outcome, we just hope its swift. The Sterling family and their confused lawyers are exhausting us. 

UPDATE, 7:20p.m.: The Associated Press reports that Sterling got five serious bid offers from "major players with considerable financial means." She will review the bids with the hopes of making a deal before the NBA hearing next week. The same source says the bids are for "an unbelievable number" that could be well over $2 billion.

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