The World Cup Will Bring Adidas More Than a Billion Dollars This Year

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Adidas has already seen eight percent sales growth in 2014 and they can thank the World Cup for a large part of those profits. Adidas is a major sponsor of the world's biggest soccer tournament: They make the official match ball and outfit nine out of 32 teams competing this summer, including former champions Argentina, Germany and Spain.

Herbert Hainer, Chief Executive of Adidas, said "This year we will add 1-1.2 billion euros ($1.4-1.6 billion) to operational revenue, with the World Cup playing an important role." 

Adidas main competitor, Nike, might be outfitting ten World Cup countries (including the U.S. and host Brazil), but Adidas is poised to outsell them this year when it comes to soccer gear. Adidas projects to earn a record breaking 2 billion euros (that's $2,732,400,000) from soccer sales, where as Nike is set to earn around the $2 billion mark from their soccer division.

Hainer said Adidas is prepared to go "head-to-head" with Nike in the soccer market. Adidas has spent a "double-digit million sum" on World Cup advertising, the majority of which went towards social media. They will also have a media room in Brazil for their sponsored teams and key players. 

"Football is the DNA of our company. We want to clearly show that we are number one in soccer," Hainer said.

Adidas has also changed their online shopping website to default to soccer cleats. They mean e-sales business. 

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