Kids Do Not Like the New McDonald's 'Happy' Box

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Last week, McDonald's introduced a new mascot to their American market: Happy the... box. Apparently, the French and other European nations thought this new mascot was just peachy, but we vehemently disagree. If they like Happy, great — they can keep him, because we think he is creepy and weird. We would even say scary. As it turns out, children agree. 

Grub Street tracked down some McDonald's loving kiddies and showed them Happy, the Happy Meal box. Not surprising, the kids were not amused. They found Happy to be creepy, weird, funny, and scary. Some gems from the kids included:

  • "Kind of creepy and funny."
  • "For a second it makes me happy. Then it kind of creeps me out."
  • "Why does it have a real mouth?"
  • "You can see its tongue and its tonsils."
  • "The eyes look weird."
  • "It's screaming at me." 
  • "It's really creepy. I don't know how that makes their food better."

Our personal favorite: 

"It's like a little box that's alive thats saying 'Oh I finally found a human that I can eat!'" 

Check out the complete video here:

As one of the kids put it, "People are going to make a joke out of it and its going to ruin their business." It might not ruin their business, but I would like to think this is a big, fat joke. Because Happy is the worst. 

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