KFC Has Made a Beautiful Fried Chicken Corsage

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Kentucky Fried Chicken has brought us many wonderful innovations, like the Double Down and the Famous (Sadness) Bowl, but their most recent creation might the best (and most ridiculous) of all. Introducing: the fried chicken corsage.

For the reasonable price of $20, you can have your own corsage tastefully adorned with a piece of KFC chicken. The item is made in collaboration with Nanz and Kraft Florists, who regularly sold the Colonel himself one red rose for his wife. They are based in Kentucky, of course. 

There are only 100 corsages available, so its a very exclusive product. When you order, they don't actually mail you the chicken; just the floral corsage is delivered, along with a $5 KFC gift card, so you can "customize your corsage with Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken. Whichever best matches her dress." For locally delivered corsages, Nanz and Kraft will use fresh baby's breathe as the bed for the chicken, and out of town deliveries receive silk baby's breathe. 

For the guys, Nanz and Kraft has had requests for wing boutonnieres and chicken cufflinks. The florists even had a customer request a floral + chicken theme for their wedding. It's also the perfect prop for that last-minute promposal.

As a Kentuckian and connoisseur of fried chicken, I am all for a good chicken corsage, but this will lead to a lot of greasy prom attire. Check out the florists at work here:

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