Donald Sterling Is Suing the NBA for $1 Billion

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Donald Sterling has had a very action packed month. Last night, it finally looked like the disastrous saga was coming to an end when it was announced that Shelly Sterling sold the L.A. Clippers to Steve Ballmer for $2 billion.

Shortly after that, it was learned that Mrs. Sterling had Donald ruled mentally incapacitated, allowing her to assume full ownership of the team so she could sell them away without his permission. Apparently, Donald Sterling has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease by two doctors.

Donald Sterling's lawyer, Max Blecher, has said that Sterling is "far from mentally incompetent." While he is being paid to protect Sterling, it's hard to go against the claims of a team of neurologists and Sterling's wife of 58 years. A few days ago, Blecher said Sterling was going to "fight to the bloody end" for the Clippers even when a sale was already in the works. Mr. Blecher also went on record to say the NBA "stinks." So, maybe he should pipe down for a couple days. 

If this all weren't enough, Donald Sterling is apparently only going along with the sale because he is planning to sue the NBA for $1 billion in damages. The suit will argue he was forced to relinquish ownership. The league has not yet approved the sale to Ballmer and is still planning a June 3 hearing to vote him out of league forever.

Strap in, NBA fans. It's going to be a bumpy ride. 

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