Diageo Is Bringing America More Bourbon with a New Distillery

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Global liquor giant Diageo is building a new distillery in Kentucky, doing their small part to avert fears of a disastrous bourbon shortage. The 300-acre plant will be responsible for much of Diageo's bourbon business. While it still needs to get the sign-off from local legislators, we can confidently say that they will approve. Kentucky is no stranger to whiskey. 

The $115 million project will include a six-barrel storage house, a full distillation system, and a maturation system. It will create at least thirty jobs for the area. 

Officials already seem enthused about bringing more booze to the Bluegrass State, particularly after several recent news stories suggested that supply is not keeping up with growing demand. "Distilled spirits remain a marquee industry in the commonwealth, and Diageo's new distillery will ensure that even more Kentucky bourbon is enjoyed around the globe," said Governor Steve Beshear. State Senator Paul Hornback agreed, saying it would be a "fantastic investment" and bring "positive economic impact" to the area. 

While Diageo is based in London, it represents some of the United States' favorite liquors, like Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Guinness, George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey, and more. Now Kentucky can welcome a new member to the Whiskey Trail. 

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