Chipotle Asks Patrons Not to Bring Guns Inside their Eateries Anymore

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In the past, Chipotle has been compliant with the local laws for concealed carry and open weapons. Now, they are changing their tune after some gun rights advocates made a point to bring assault rifles into one of their locations.

This wasn't one or two hunting rifles. This was a sizable group of armed burrito-lovers carrying some pretty impressive weapons. The guns are circled below:

The group outing was organized through a now-removed Facebook page. One of the members, whose Facebook name is Flakoo Decampo, dined at a Chipotle in Downtown Dallas. He posted: "Nothing like eating openly with your SKS and good budiiess...fact of the matter is...know your rights and dont give them up because of fear." Flakoo will have to leave his rifle at home now, because the display sparked a successful petition asking Chipotle to change their gun policies. 

After a petition began circulating online, the company quickly changed their policy and issued this statement: "The display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers."

Chipotle now joins Starbucks as a chain that does not welcome guns in their establishments, regardless of local laws. 

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