Banker Hazing Leads to Lawsuit

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BGC Partners, a global financial services company, is being sued by a former stockbroker who says he suffered abuse and hazing from his coworkers. Robert Bou-Simon was the head of the basis swaps desk in London and claims that due to his mistreatment, he was forced to resign.

Bou-Simon didn't partake in a "boorish" initiation ritual known as "The Run." The Run is when " across the floor whilst others throw water at them after they complete their first trade." When he didn't partake in this pretty ridiculous ritual, his coworkers started making his life very difficult. They also taunted him for being a fan of West London soccer team Chelsea and an Australian rugby team. Bou-Simon is from Australia, so a pretty logical team to be a fan of. 

The Run is pretty obviously a ridiculous and terrible idea, but it also caused some serious injuries in the past. One employee had to be taken to the hospital when their run went awry. When Bou-Simon refused to participate, his coworkers started chanting "only real men run." His manager also said his behavior was "downright un-Australian." 

Bou-Simon said that his coworkers "not only hated [him] but they also promoted that hate throughout the floor." BGC has not yet issued a statement on the matter.  

Frat house hazing is barely acceptable behavior in 18 year olds, let alone grown men controlling millions of dollars at a successful financial firm, so good luck defending "The Run" to a jury, BGC.

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