Would You Wear Clothes That Make You Look Like a Wendy's Salad?

Wendy's may have topped the weirdest fast food promotion charts with its four-part sartorial contest, which offers customers the chance to win $1,000 for compiling an online wardrobe inspired by their signature salads. 

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Wendy's may have topped charts for the weirdest fast food promotion with its latest four-part sartorial contest, offering customers the chance to win $1,000 by compiling an online wardrobe inspired by salad. 

The contest is hosted on Polyvore.com, "the world's largest style community." Polyvore.com users compile sets of items that fit a certain theme — like "house spaces" or "Shades of Grey." You can browse through the sets and buy items online through Polyvore.com, which directs you to the retailer's website. 

Via Polyvore.com

The fast food chain partnered with Polyvore.com earlier this year to kick-off their own contest, which the challenge being that you have to create an outfit that reminds your of  a Wendy's Signature Salad. No problem, right?

Former model and Wendy's spokesmodel Molly Sims (or whoever does this type of stuff for her) kicked off the competition by putting together some of her own salad-inspired sets.

"Wendy's new BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad," she writes, "reminds me of going back home to Kentucky. It has down-home flavors, which I love, and is why I styled my board with a comfy cashmere sailor sweater, rolled up Frame Denim Le Garcon Boyfriend Jeans and a Reiss Lena corded trim satchel bag." She continues:

The yellow in the sweater reminded me of the pop of color from the fire-roasted corn, and the creams and taupes in these accessories reminded me of the real buttermilk and parmesan cheese in the BBQ ranch dressing.

Ah yes, style gurus alway say to opt for the creams and taupes that are reminiscent of BBQ dressing.

A user entry posted to Polyvore.com

There are two more chances to enter the contests: June 16-22 and sometime in early July. The sets are judged by Sims, who will select the lucky winner.

Though it might be the weirdest, it is not the only stunt Wendy's has pulled to get people — specifically, women who are into eating salads at fast food restaurants — interested in the company. The chain has a web series called "Girlfriends at Wendy's Eating Salads & Talking About Stuff," and also an "Italian short film starring the new Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta."

According to The Drum, a UK-based marketing website, people who watch video ads for fast food are twice as likely as people who haven't to go visit the the restaurant, which might explain why Wendy's is focusing attention on video. So be shocked if you're suddenly craving a Spicy Chicken Sandwich right now. But we're still explain why the company thinks anyone in their right mind would want to dress like an Asian Cashew Chicken SaladTM.  

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