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Sbarro, the food court pizza chain frequented by people whose first-choice fast food lines are too long, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday. Apparently, doling out non-essential pizza and touting dubious "real New York slices" to hungry teenagers is not exactly a growing business strategy. 

It's the second time in three years that Sbarro LLC has had to wade through Chapter 11, The Wall Street Journal reported, adding that the company is carrying about $140 million in debt. And the filing comes after last month's announcement that 155 of its 400 restaurants nationwide would be closing down.

For those lamenting their mallrat days, this is not such a bad thing. The pizza was never good anyway. It was just a mall formality. "One time I had a delicious pizza at Sbarro's" said no Sbarro's patron ever.

And there's a silver lining. There's always possibility something more delicious, like a Bojangles, will open up where the Sbarro's used to be. 

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