Goldman Sachs CEO Takes Back Title as Best Paid Bank Executive

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Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is back at the top of the chart of best paid U.S. bank executive. Blankfein's salary and bonus of $23 million was enough to push past Wells Fargo's John Stumpf and JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon. It's the first time Goldman Sachs has led the field in executive pay in several years. We compiled total compensation numbers for the CEOs of those three companies since 2007 below.

We've known Blankfein made $23 million in 2013 since a Goldman Sachs public filing in late January, and it's a 9.5 percent raise from his 2012 pay. Sure, that's a huge pay compared to, well, almost everyone in the world, but it's not as egregious given Goldman's revenue of $34.2 billion and stock increase of 39 percent last year. And it's a far cry from Blankfein's 2007 record salary of $70 million, a sign of times before the recession.

What's new today, though, is news that John Stumpf's pay from Wells Fargo dropped 16 percent since last year, now down to a cool $19.3 million. While Stumpf's salary and bonus stayed flat, his pension value did not increase this year as it had last year, thus lowering his overall compensation. Stumpf's drop, combined with Jamie Dimon raking in $20 million from JP Morgan despite his legal woes, puts Goldman Sachs' Blankfein on top.

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