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It took three years, but the man behind @GSElevator has been exposed. And guess what? He doesn't work for Goldman Sachs.

The New York Times Dealbook, which told us in 2011 that @GSElevator was a "Goldman Sachs banker," is now revealing that, after "several weeks of reporting," it has "exposed" the man behind the account and, oh yeah: "He doesn't work at the firm. And he never did."

@GSElevator, which got a book deal last month, is the work of John Lefevre, a 34-year-old former bond executive who lives in Texas. Lefevre once worked at Citigroup and was offered a job in Goldman's Hong Kong office in 2010, but the offer was either revoked or Lefevre and Goldman "cordially agreed to part ways," depending on whose account you trust.

But no, "to pre-empt what you're about to say, legally speaking, I was never explicitly an employee of the firm," he told Dealbook's Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Lefevre maintains that his tweets were true representations of banker culture, and his book publishers (who bought it without ever meeting Lefevre, which is a great idea) say they're fine with it.

Goldman Sachs is also pleased, saying in a statement: "We are pleased to report that the official ban on talking in elevators will be lifted effective immediately."

It should be noted that no one is who he claims to be on Twitter, and we can't trust anyone ever. 


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