JPMorgan Is Not Too Big to Troll

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JPMorgan was supposed to host a Twitter chat with vice chair Jimmy Lee on Thursday, but the bank's social media minds made the fatal error of releasing the #AskJPM hashtag too soon. Twitter users flooded the hashtag with serious and joking questions about the JPMorgan's shady history and ongoing negotiations with the Justice Department. JPMorgan is not too big to troll. 

So the social media team decided to quit while they were behind. 

They didn't even answer these important questions, like how JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon would like to challenge Attorney General Eric Holder.

Or these simple math problems.

Some financial journalists had legitimate questions about the bank's activities.

And motivations.

And of course, some had specific inquiries for Lee. 

Some were just feeling curious.

JPMorgan has been under intense scrutiny since the Justice Department began investigating its mortgage-backed securities business that contributed to the 2008 financial crisis. We now know that the DOJ is investigating even more aspects of the bank's business. If the deal goes through, Dimon will turn over $13 billion to Holder and the DOJ. 

Salon's Alex Pareene, who's challenged the bank's practices before, asked the obvious question.


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