CNBC Loses Maria Bartiromo to Fox

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Longtime CNBC star, Cable Hall of Fame honoree, and Jamie Dimon defender Maria Bartiromo is switching teams, leaving her cable TV home of 20 years for its Murdoch rival Fox Business Network.

Bartiromo is one of the channel's best-known faces. And unlike one of its other best-known faces, she's never made fun of another ethnic group on the air or anything! So it's a big loss for the channel.

After Matt Drudge first splashed the news across the Drudge Report, with kind words for Fox New boss Roger Ailes, CNBC confirmed that Bartiromo would be departing once her contract expires on November 24, issuing the standard "thanks and good luck" statement, while Bartiromo thanked her co-workers and viewers in her own statement.

Bartiromo didn't say she'd be going to Fox Business Network, but that's what a source confirmed to The Wire, which is also what TVNewser and the New York Times are reporting. She'll have a market hours show on Fox Business as well as an as-yet-unspecified role on the mothership, Fox News. So while her Fox Business show may not get CNBC's ratings, Bartiromo will access to the biggest audience in all of cable news land on Fox News.

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Bartiromo's nickname is "Money Honey" because she reports on business and is an attractive woman. Your new Money Honey, at least on an interim basis, will be Kelly Evans, who is taking over for Bartiromo on Closing Bell.

By the way: though Bartiromo's contract with CNBC expires next Sunday, she won't be jumping to Fox Business just yet. The New York Times' Bill Carter has her starting next Monday, but our source says her start date is not yet known but won't be that soon. (And Carter's article was just updated to remove that next Monday start date thing, so … oops.)

While there have been rumors over the past few months that Bartiromo was looking to leave CNBC, The Guardian's financial editor Heidi Moore has another theory about her departure:

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