Area Man Will Miss The Onion's Print Edition

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The Onion, which began its life as a free weekly on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, will cease production of its print newspaper in the three cities where it still remains, ending a run of 25 years of outlandish headlines in big bold print, Crain's Chicago Business reports

The satirical news outlet had been printed and distributed in 17 cities at its peak, but is down to just three markets in Chicago, Providence, and Milwaukee. The December 12 edition of the paper in those cities will mark The Onion's last in print form. Like many modern publications, The Onion suffered from a decrease in print advertising, as the most recent 16-page Chicago issue had just two full-page ads in it, according to Crain's.

The articles and jokes will continue to exist in Internet form, as the company has already transitioned into an almost completely digital business, including embracing video production and faster online story creation to match the speed of the modern news cycle. As Slate wrote back in September, "in every way that matters, the people who produce the Onion now think of it as a website, not a paper." Now, they won't have to think of it as a paper at all.

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