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Unemployment hit its lowest point since November 2008, according to the September jobs report, but concern is starting to slowly creep in because the economy failed to add very many new jobs. 

The biggest takeaway from September's shutdown-delayed jobs report is that things mostly stayed the same. The economy did not change that much in September: employers added about 148,000 new jobs, and unemployment dropped ever so slightly down to 7.2 percent. (Unemployment has fallen 0.4 percent since June. Stagnation will be the word at the end of every pundit's tongue by the end of the day, as the words "unchanged" and "little changed" appear over and over throughout the jobs report: 

Count them! Count them all! Of course this economic stalling came before the government shutdown, which furloughed hundreds of thousands of workers and may have cost the economy $24 billion over its useless two week span. Those factors won't help the October jobs report.

There will be blood.

You can read the full jobs report here.

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