Report: The Raiders' New Mascot Is From Your Nightmares

Meet the Raider Rusher.

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Meet the Raider Rusher.

According to ESPN Business reporter Darren Rovell, this guy is the new Oakland Raiders' mascot, created for 'Nickelodeon's 'NFL Rush Zone,' which is supposed to recruit future NFL fans. The show has a terrifying bodiless helmet man to represent each NFL team. According to Rovell's sources, the Rusher will emerge from the confines of the animated series to horrify Raiders fans at home games (though what, exactly, that could mean is disputed). As CBS News notes, "there's no way that [longtime Raiders owner] Al Davis would be OK with this." For reference, here is how Raiders fans dress up for games:

(Photo: Reuters) 

Fans will find out soon whether Rovell is right or not — his report says that the team will announce the new mascot on Tuesday. But in a way, that doesn't really matter. Some things, once seen, cannot be unseen:

Others have gone mad upon sight and embraced the creature:

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