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This morning's talk is, inarguably, The New York Times's profile of Tina Brown and the demise of Newsweek, which has been sold again. The article is not entirely flattering of Brown; but that hardly means that the famed editor who revitalized The New Yorker and founded The Daily Beast has much patience for detractors.

After the Times story was published, one-time Brown employee Howard Kurtz, a media journalist, tweeted out the following:


Around 40 minutes later, Brown responded, not pulling her own punches;

You can smell the stench of Kurtz's burnt pomade from here. There is history here, obviously: Kurtz was well-paid to, essentially, make a lot of mistakes, as Jeff Bervovici chronicled in Forbes. The last straw was an error-filled column on Jason Collins, the basketball player who came out as gay in May.

Back then, Brown couched his departure in anodyne corporate-speak

The good wishes seem to have lasted not very long.

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