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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gets 3,000 words and a dramatic new photo in the September issue of Vogue, introducing the "CEO of the moment" to remaining few people who were already aware of her fabulously successful story. 

The details of Mayer's life will be pretty familiar to anyone who pay the slightest attention the tech gossip press, which to be fair, probably doesn't include a huge chunk of Vogue's readership. (Although she isn't totally unfamiliar to them either.) There's her rise from Employee #20 at Google (and their first woman) to the guiding hand behind some of their most important products, before being snatched up to save the troubled tech giant. There's her insistence that she's really a geek at heart who doesn't see gender at work. There's nursery in the CEO's office, built right around the time she told employees they couldn't work from home anymore. And a few mentions of Tumblr. For the kids, we guess. 

And of course there's her wardrobe, which actually gets short shrift* for a magazine — some say The Bible — of fashion. Pretty much the main takeaway on that front is that she likes cashmere sweaters. (Don't we all?) If you're looking for any other new insights or salacious tidbits or corporate espionage, you're not likely to get it. She's a glamorous person in a glamor job (for her industry) and she's doing okay for herself. Maybe the pose in that photo isn't your typical CEO headshot, but again, it's Vogue. Everyone who shows up in that magazine gets the stylist's best effort, so why shouldn't she? Now let us all (including Mayer) get back to work.

*Update: Apparently, the Vogue web team took care of that with a separate slideshow that is only about her clothes.

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