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There's was big news being made over at Fox News yesterday, but the Fox News reporter assigned to track it down just can't a straight answer out of... Fox News. Yesterday afternoon, the Drudge Report of all places appeared to scoop legions of New York media reporters with the announcement that Megyn Kelly, the hottest rising star at the cable network, was being given her own show at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, right in the heart of the primetime schedule. 

That's a big deal, since as well noted earlier, Fox News Channel has a rather sizeable roster of impressive anchor talent and not enough hours in the evening to hold them all. That 9:00 p.m. slot is currently held down by Sean Hannity, who only has the third-most popular show on all of cable news. So if the Drudge report is true, then what happens to Hannity?

Well, if anyone can get to the bottom of this it should be the dogged news team over at Fox News. After all, they work in the same building ... or at the very least have the same company directory to pull numbers out of. even wrote up the story (citing Drudge Report) of Kelly "reportedly" taking over the 9:00 hour, but got stonewalled by their own unhelpful spokesperson.

Where is Megyn Kelly headed? ... Fox News isn't spilling the beans.

A Fox News spokesperson said no official announcement would be made at this time.

So not only did not get the scoop, they couldn't even get any information out of their own co-workers. Where's the team spirit, guys?

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