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One of the perks of being Treasury Secretary is getting your name on every dollar bill, but that awesome responsibility meant that new boss Jack Lew had to reinvent his name. As you may recall, Lew's signature is famously, uh... "minimalist", leading some people to worry that a bunch of scribbles on every piece of paper U.S. currency would cause a global financial panic. Or at least make people sad when they pulled out their wallets.

So after being promoted to Secretary of the Treasury this spring, Lew promised to update his official signing strategy and the results were unveiled on Twitter this afternoon. Behold:

If you're wondering where the extra letters come from, his full name is actually Jacob Joseph Lew. The Twitter critics were not impressed:

Not as fantastical as it could have been. “@USTreasury: Here it is. Secretary Jack Lew’s official #signature

— Brian Resnick (@B_resnick) June 18, 2013

Too bad. We're stuck with it until Bitcoin takes over the world, so everyone better get used to it.

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