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Lamborghini unveiled its hotly anticipated new supercar, the Veneno, at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland on Monday, proving once and for all that the Italians are the emperors of pretty but entirely impractical things. The Veneno sports a 6.5-liter, 12-cylinder engine with a frightening 750 horsepower. That's enough muscle to bring the two-seater from zero to sixty in just 2.8-seconds, and the beast tops out at a face-melting 220 miles per hour.

The body construction is entirely carbon fiber, making the car crazy light, and it's extremely aerodynamic design, as one auto blogger put it, includes "smooth underbody and large diffuser accelerates airflow under the car for ground-effect downforce." In other words, it sort of flies. As are all Lamborghinis, the model's name comes from the world of bullfighting. The term veneno refers to the "strongest and most aggressive" bull. As this is Lamborghini's 50th anniversary surprise, the superlative makes sense. 

Lamborghini nevertheless squeezed a few more superlatives into the story. Not only is the Veneno one of the fastest cars in the world. It's also one the most — if not the most — expensive at $3.9 million each. Don't go getting all excited about blowing your tax return on one of these bad boys, though. Lamborghini only made three of them, and they're all spoken for.

For more pictures, click on over the Jalopnik whose writers have been covering this story like cardboard on a book.

* The only production car we found that was more expensive than the Lamborghini Veneno was the Maybach Exelero, a one-off result of a design competition that rapper Bryan "Birdman" Williams reportedly bought for $8 million.

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