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The Internet's favorite wanton waif and drug user Cat Marnell is writing a book, and apparently that book got picked up by Simon & Schuster. Marnell got a pretty hefty sum for the deal. 

According to the New York Post's Page 6, Simon & Schuster paid Marnell $500,000 for the rights to publish her memoir, How to Murder Your Life, later this year. S&S wouldn't confirm the amount. [Update 12:23 p.m.: "I can't confirm anything except that I am very excited and the book will be worth every penny," Marnell tells us.]

In the book, Page 6 says, Marnell chronicles her sexual conquests and rampant drug use, including but not limited to tales of being "choked out by a Park Avenue millionaire kid in a pine grove by the reservoir at 4 a.m." and "sex in vacant lots in Bushwick with white rappers." It would be an understatement to say she's lived an interesting life. 

In case you don't remember, Marnell was something of an Internet thing last summer. We wrote about her life, her addiction, and the Internet's fascination with her and the dangers it wrought fairly extensively. Marnell quit her job as the beauty editor at XOJane after the company tried to send her to rehab multiple times. "Look, I couldn’t spend another summer meeting deadlines behind a computer at night when I could be on the rooftop of Le Bain looking for shooting stars and smoking angel dust with my friends and writing a book, which is what I’m doing next," Marnell told Page 6 last summer.

Coincidentally enough, Pratt was asked about her experience editing Marnell during a recent MediaBistro interview. This is what she had to say: 

I was definitely doing everything I could to get her into rehab, which she did do, and encouraging her to get better for herself. But I don't think that her writing about it is what made her do it. I think it's a lot deeper than that, and writing about it was cathartic for her and helpful to other women who were going through that. Men have written about it before, their own drug abuse while they're still abusing the drug. But for women, it was always something they could only write about only after they were no longer using. I felt like it was important to tell that story; she wanted to do that. But there was a lot behind the scenes that people don't know about, and that's why she's not at xoJane anymore. But I hope she'll get cleaned up and be able to do stuff with us again.

Well, now that book is almost here, and it's good enough to warrant a half a million bucks from a major publishing house. We're near certain this news will generate a million more blog posts, the same way everything Marnell did last summer generated a million blog posts, closer to when the book is actually released. As Jen Doll wrote last year, her life is fascinating and terrifying in equal measure. It's hard to look away: 

Watching all this happen is something like watching Lindsay Lohan cycle through highs and lows, denying but clearly struggling with her own addiction demons. We watch and wait and it's cringe-worthy and awful, but it's the proverbial car crash we can't look away from. We know it's going to end someday, and it's probably going to end badly. But it's not "personal": These people we watch on the Internet seem more like characters than real people. So when Marnell announces that she'd rather smoke angel dust on the rooftop of Le Bain than work in a dreary office job, a lot of people come forth to, sort of, Internet high-five her. Why should any of us live dreary existences, have to pander to the man, slog our lives away in tedium? What's wrong with drugs? Drugs are cool! And to be so honest and upfront about it, well, let's accolade her for that, too.

For now, we have to wait until the book is actually released to judge its contents. Maybe it's good enough to warrant such a high price tag. Until then, though, we wait. We couldn't even find a release date yet. 

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