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People seem pretty pleased that Maker's Mark decided not to water down its whiskey from 45 percent to 42 percent alcohol content. On a relatively quiet news weekend, the heavy drinkers populating your social media channels burst out in collective cheers on Sunday when the Kentucky whiskey brand announced via Facebook and the Associated Press that it would not, in fact, water down its own product. The decision was mostly credited to the outcry they received after the news was announced: 

We’re humbled by your overwhelming response and passion for Maker’s Mark. While we thought we were doing what’s right, this is your brand – and you told us in large numbers to change our decision.

You spoke. We listened. And we’re sincerely sorry we let you down.

So far the news is being warmly received by the whiskey's fans. Comments on the Facebook post are so enthusiastic a few border on the insane:

Killing of first borns? Shots at New Coke? People seem to really like this whiskey, apparently. The reaction is almost unanimously positive on Twitter, too: 

The move to water down Maker's Mark was originally made due to rising demand around the world. Last weekend, the company responsible for producing Maker's Mark, Beam Inc., announced they would be watering down the whiskey ever so slightly to deal with rising demand. The taste wouldn't change, but they had to somehow keep up with theirs orders while also dealing with an occasional shortage in supply. But people were outraged. So today, a week later, the company changed their mind. "They would rather put up with the occasional supply shortage than put up with any change in their hand-made bourbon," Maker's Mark's chief operating officer Rob Samuels said. So, what did we all learn today? Not to cross unreasonable whiskey fans. 

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