Scarlett Johansson Might Be Engaged

Today in celebrity gossip news: ScarJo might be getting hitched again if a big ring is to be believed, Justin Bieber goes partying in London, and Anderson Cooper whoops it up in Brazil.

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Today in celebrity gossip news: ScarJo might be getting hitched again if a big ring is to be believed, Justin Bieber goes partying in London, and Anderson Cooper whoops it up in Brazil.

I hear wedding bells!! Really, I do. All the time. Bells, constantly. It's some sort of terrible condition or syndrome. Every day is a living hell. The bells. Always the bells. And it's not helping that Scarlett Johansson, currently starring on old Broadway in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, is sparking rumors that she will soon be marrying for a second time. The actress was spotted recently with "a giant pear-cut diamond ring" on her ring finger, which has people whispering that her boyfriend, French journalist Romain Dauriac, has become her fiancé. That would make a Canadian and a Frenchman for Ms. Johansson, so after this she'll have to marry René Angélil or something. That is if she has plans to get married at all. It could just be an everyday giant pear-cut diamond ring, something she picked up as an impulse purchase while buying socks. We really don't know. But the minute it is official, if it becomes official, I'm sure that Dauriac, as a French journalist, will immediately alert the French press. [Daily Mail]

While his colleague Soledad O'Brien sweats it out over the fate of her employment, Anderson Cooper is saying eff all that noise and having a grand old time down in saucy Rio. He's there for the post-Carnival festivities with his boyfriend Ben Maisani and Bravo warlock Andy Cohen. They went to one of the parades as guests of a Brazilian beer brand called Devassa, which Page Six tells us "translates as 'lewd' and 'debauched.'" The implication being that Cooper and his gay contingent are having some sort of lewd, debauched time while blissed out in the southern hemisphere. So even Page Six can get in on the New York Post's wonderful tradition of finger wagging prudishness. Yay. Anyway, I'm sure most people hope that Anderson and Cohen and Maisani and whatever underpanted Brazil nut they collect on their travels have a wonderful time. Though, while they're gone, the world of gay New York television personalities will have to rely on Sam Champion alone. So, hurry back when you can, guys. [Page Six]

Also having a good time overseas, Justin Bieber headed out to three, count 'em three, London nightclubs last night. Kid was partying hard, hanging out with William from the Black Eyed Peas (they tweeted at each other at the end of the night, William saying "Your a true artist") and bringing two lovely ladies home with him at four in the morning. Oh yes, he was seen leaving his last nightclub of the evening with two unknown girls, giggling in the back of his car. He was probably just being a courteous Canadian and giving them a ride home, right? I'm pretty sure that's all that was happening. The best part of the story, though, is the Daily Mail's description of Justin's outfit for the evening: "a charcoal grey sweater with camel-coloured chinos and a leather jacket, the teen idol accessorised with a pair of fuchsia high-top trainers and a dramatic pendant." Ha! "Dramatic pendant." That is pretty great. "Justin, that pendant sure is dramatic." I'm sure that's what any eighteen-year-old boy wants to hear about what he is wearing. "Yo is this pendant dramatic enough?" "Yeah, it's madd dramatic! Hey, is this brooch whimsical enough you think?" "That brooch is hella whimsical bro." It's just what teenage boys care about these days. Dramatic pendants. Look it up. [Daily Mail]

Kelly Clarkson and her former producer Clive Davis are in a rather public spat. Davis has a new memoir out in which he says that working with Clarkson was difficult, specifically that she cried and threw a fit when it was suggested that "Since U Been Gone," her biggest hit to date, be put on her album. There was also some sort of argument over her record My December and its lack of potential singles. Davis ended up being right about that — the album was a weak seller — but Clarkson doesn't care. She wrote a blog post in response to Davis, saying that he has things all wrong, because he's lying or just doesn't remember. Clarkson and Davis have had a notoriously contentious relationship over the years, so none of this is really all that surprising, but I still don't like to see good ol' Kelly Clarkson involved in any kind of public feud. She doesn't need that kind of attention. She's one of the good ones, the regular ones. Hopefully the blog post is all that will be said about the matter going forward and Clive Davis can continue Lyman Zerga-ing around with his book and that'll be that. [Us Weekly]

If a sketchy website is to be believed, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, were on their recent vacation — excuse me, babymoon — in Mustique, William frequently annoyed the pregnant Kate by being a complete germaphobe, even telling her at one point that she couldn't go to a restaurant because he didn't know how the food was prepared. And unfortunately you can't say no to the future king of England because he'll just have you beheaded and find a new wife. Ask the ghost of Anne Boleyn. She'll tell you. But really we have no idea if this is true. I mean, how would anyone even know? Is someone leaking the information? Is there a mole inside the royal entourage? I can't imagine there is, that someone would risk such a thing. Beheading, remember? William can cut off anyone's head he wants! That's his right as a royal. So it seems like a really risky maneuver to leak weird and embarrassing details about the couple's private life. If the story is true, though, here's hoping that Kate got to go to the restaurant in the end. It is 2013, after all. Royal decrees don't mean quite what they used to. [Showbiz Spy]

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