HP Starts Layoffs for the Company That Brought It Down

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Well you had to see this coming, sadly: HP has decided to do a little housecleaning at Autonomy, the company it acquired that it claims led to that huge $8.8 billion loss still shaking the tech giant. Robert Youngjohns, the new head of Autonomy, describes some changes at the company in a memo obtained Monday evening by AllThingsD's Arik Hesseldahl. The note says "some work force reduction is likely," but it doesn't get much more specific than that. Hesseldahl had previously reported HP would cut fewer than 70 jobs, many of those in sales.

While some people will go, it doesn't sound like HP has plans to get rid of Autonomy, despite infighting between leadership at the main branch and the bad seed. In the memo, Youngjohns claims HP will try to put displaced people in other parts of the company, adding that the enterprise search company will bring on an additional 50 engineers as well. 

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