Everyone Wants to Fund Andrew Sullivan (Except for Arizona)

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Andrew Sullivan, the soon-to-be-former Daily Beast blogger and Atlantic alum, announced Wednesday that he will be flying solo under the banner of a new metered, reader-sustained publishing/blogging company. In a follow-up post Thursday afternoon, Sullivan announced that this latest iteration of The Dish raised about $300,000 in 24 hours, with reader payments from across the globe. Most of those payments came from across the U.S. — everywhere, it turns out, except the great state of Arizona. Here's his American data so far: 

What gives, Arizona? Was it something he said during the election? Maybe Arizonans still have a soft spot for Senator John McCain's one-time running mate Sarah Palin, whom Sullivan hasn't been the kindest to? Either way, just like President Obama in the 2012 election, Sullivan might not need to carry the state to get to the magic number he says will allow him to run the type of independent journalism operation he wants:

If our goal was an annual income of somewhere around $900K (we erred on the safe side), we have gotten a third of the way there in 24 hours, which is why we're all somewhat gob-smacked. We feared it would take far longer for us to get that kind of support. Total number of paid subscribers? Almost 12,000 right now. That's still only 1 percent of our total monthly readership - so we have plenty of room to talk more of you into subscribing before the meter hits.

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