Is The Washington Post Paywall Coming or What?

If the paper is going to start charging you to use its website, don't even think of asking the paper's media reporters about it.

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Will The Washington Post make you start paying for articles? Don't even think of asking The Washington Post's media reporters. "The Washington Post will probably start charging online readers for access to newspaper articles in the middle of next year, a person familiar with the plans said," wrote the Post's Steve Mufson. "Will probably?" C'mon Steve, just walk upstairs or wherever your boss sits and confirm it for us, or else just keep quiet and let us speculate the original scoop from The Wall Street Journal's Keach Hagey. Another layer of funny was this "the call is coming from inside the house" tweet sent out by The Washington Post:

And the response:

Of course "funny" is relative and we completely understand how this might not even be the slightest bit to anyone who's not concerned with media — so, we'll spare you a behind-the-paywall joke.

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