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You're pretty much resigned to reading Sports Illustrated or Reader's Digest the next time you go to the dentist's office now because Newsweek is no more. In a questionable move, Tina Brown made the magazine's final cover feature an old picture of the Newsweek building and a hashtag.

Because of course Tina Brown tarnished Newsweek's last issue cover with a hashtag.  

Newsweek will be no more once 2013 comes around in a little over a week. This might be a good time to direct you towards some pretty good writing about Brown's failed attempt to revive Newsweek. There's (former Atlantic Wire employee) Matt Haber's Capital New York piece that looks at what, exactly, was Brown's undoing. (Answer: the Internet, basically.) Or you could read the long-but-very-good Q&A Brown did with New York Magazine at the end of November. But it should be noted that Brown won't be going anywhere once Newsweek stops publishing. She still has an extensive operation to run over at the Daily Beast. If she can stop that nasty departure problem she seems to be having, of course. 

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