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After seeing the departure of its editor-in-chief Chris Anderson on November 2, Wired has announced that Scott Dadich—the magazine's former creative director from 2006-2010—will take over the magazine. If we can take anything away from his time at Wired, it's that he's, well, a tough boss with  a good eye—with Dadich at the helm, Wired won three National Magazine Awards in design. "He became known at Wired for his exacting standards, often sending work back multiple times for revisions, and raising the dress bar by wearing suits in the otherwise laid-back San Francisco office," writes AdWeek's Lucia Moses. Dadich's fondness for revisions and perfection is good probably good news for loyal Wired readers who were sad to see Anderson go earlier this month, and should make them feel better quality of their magazine. Dadich is slated to start immediately. 

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