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After reports surfaced earlier this week, CNN finally announced Jeff Zucker as its new president on Thursday, which means everyone can officially start backseat driving and telling him their opinions on how to fix things. We have three words (the O' counts): Soledad O'Brien. Here are just a few recent examples of why she might deserve a primetime promotion — or at least a lot more air time:

Starting Point Is Doing Well (relatively): "Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien had its best month since launching in January, growing double digits from a year ago. In total viewers the morning program was up +36% (393k vs. 290k) and increased 44% in the key demo 25-54 (164k vs. 114k)," reports CNN on CNN's own ratings. Even if those numbers aren't nearly as impressive as Today or the kinds of ratings Zucker is used to, a positive jump is a decidedly a good thing. 

She Does a Little Thing Called Journalism: Soledad spearing various members of the GOP has turned into a meme. Like, remember when she took apart John Sununu on Obamacare vs. Romney's health plan? 

And she did it again to a Rep. Michael Burgess, who didn't see it coming at all: 

...and that's made her Think Progress's Wonder Woman

Here's a tweet from TP's Deputy Editor Igor Volsky:

and TP reporter Aviva Shen: 

...but Also Has Gotten on Conservatives' Nerves

And one more: 

This, too, is decidedly a good thing. If there's anything to glean from Fox News's and MSNBC's dominance it's that viewers are gravitating toward partisan commentary. Getting hated on by at least one side is good!

At the Very Least, She Makes for a Good Friends Joke: 

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