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The cover for this week's New Yorker was revealed last night, and it's definitely one you should not miss. It shows a man with a backpack on treading through water up to his chest pointing his flashlight at a sign instructing him where to vote. It's bleak, to say the least. In the distance we get a brief glimpse of a taxi under water and surrounded by floating garbage. It's an image of a person trudging through one storm headlong into another. Adrienne LaFrance pointed out this week's cover is eerily reminiscent of the September 24, 2001 New Yorker cover. That one, released just two weeks after 9/11, was completely blacked out:

The new issue is ultimately a cover about perseverance. Most importantly, it stresses just how important it is to get out and vote. No storm, work or prior commitment should impede your ability to do so on Tuesday. (Seriously, go vote.)

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