The Things People Will Do for the Ephemeral Pleasure of Boo Berry

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Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and Franken Berry cereal only appear on shelves for one month out of the year, and as The Wall Street Journal found, there are people who buy armfuls of this stuff to add to furnish their supplies so they can eat it year-round. Greg Bensinger has a riveting morning read (preferably accompanied by cereal) on holiday cereal hoarders. Bensinger's story is not unlike the stories we read about the perennial resurrection of McDonald's McRib which beckons people. Unlike the McRib (and thankfully so) cereals like Boo Berry have longer pantry lives and apparently spark pilgrimages and even strategic shopping: 

Halloween-time hoarders have tricks for keeping a fresh supply. Renee Lindsey, a bank employee in Nashville, shops at stores where she has learned she can find boxes with the latest expiration dates.

"I am so sad to have learned this over the years," says Ms. Lindsey, 33, who prefers Boo Berry but buys boxes of each of the three cereals for her family. She puts the first three boxes to use for a family ritual: She eats them with her husband and two children on Halloween morning, Oct. 31.


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