Samsung Shouldn't Have a Problem Paying Apple

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Samsung posted a ridiculously high $7.3 billion quarterly profit from July to September, which is a personal best, so the company shouldn't have any trouble paying Apple that pesky $1 billion they won in court.

There's probably a party in Samsung's South Korean offices right now celebrating their estimated record quarterly profit, driven mostly by the sale of their beloved Samsung Galaxy S III and Note phones. They won't know the exact numbers until the auditors finish looking over everything on October 26, but for now: champagne.

They are already lowering expectations (so trendy) for the next quarter, though. The need to set aside $1 billion to pay Apple from the patent case, unless their appeal is granted, will damper those numbers, plus the ramped up marketing efforts that come with the holiday season. There's also a chance they have to pay Apple even more, or worse, the S III gets yanked off the market. But who knows, maybe Samsung's good luck will trickle into the court room and they'll get the iPhone 5 pulled from store shelves

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