17-Year-Old Former Conservative Boy Wonder Couldn't Get Along with Vice

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The first semester of freshman year is hard. Your interest expand beyond your teenage obsessions. You find new things to focus on. Sometimes you grow too fast, and relationships get strained. Like the one between Jonathan Krohn and Vice which only lasted three weeks.

Krohn just announced the split on Twitter, saying he walked out on them because of, "creative differences." Krohn rose to fame when he was 13 for a three minute conservative speech he gave on CPAC, and the ensuing book. He's a 17-year-old now, one who has embraced the more liberal things in life, and girls. He's also in his first semester of college at New York University. 

Starting a Vice column the same month you start your freshman year at NYU seems like an easy way to help make friends and impress people. Having your own Vice column is almost as good as having real, live scars. Just as dangerous, without the marks. Alas, some relationships aren't built to last. Krohn has apparently grown tired of Rupert Murdoch's favorite magazine for the youngs. His three columns covered his take on Fashion Week, a field report and call to end Occupy Wall Street, and word clouds of U.N. General Assembly speeches. Resorting to word clouds by column three may have been a sign things weren't going to work out. 

Krohn didn't immediately responded to a request for comment, but he did retweet this: 

Krohn is currently following 420 people on Twitter. He's also indicated he's open to going to Buzzfeed. Make of that what you will. 

We'll update if we hear back from Krohn. 

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