USA Today's New Look: Even More Eye Candy

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Say what you want about "McPaper," USA Today's once-mocked use of colorful pie charts and graphs worked well for it, and its new design, which debuts Friday, is even more colorful and image-heavy. The paper redesigned its section headers and overhauled layout on every page, changed its weather map, updated its listings and opinion pages, expanded its tech and travel sections, and introduced even more photos. Jim Romenesko has the full visual rundown so you can see how each section will look. The paper's own coverage of its redesign explains that "the new logo reflects 'the pulse of the nation,' the company says in a statement." The New York Times Christine Haughney points out that "as the newspaper starts to look more like a Web site, its new Web site, which is being unveiled this weekend, reads more like an iPad, with scrolling from page to page, instead of clicking." The point of all this, USA Today explains, is "to take 'visual storytelling to the next level by displaying more color, photos and infographics." Hey, it worked once.

You can check out the paper's video announcement below. See, multimedia!

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