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NBC's ratings for the 2012 Olympics have been great, in spite of the complaints about its delayed coverage, and on Wednesday the network announced perhaps its biggest triumph yet: It's going to break even broadcasting it. That sounds like a fairly modest success, but seeing as how the network had expected to lose up to $200 million, in spite of selling a billion dollars in ads, it counts as a win. NBC paid $1.2 billion for the U.S. rights to the games, The Associated Press' Peter Svensson reports. "It has said that it sold more than $1 billion in ads, breaking the record of $850 million set during the Beijing Olympics in 2008." Ratings are up 9 percent over Beijing, the network said, and Adweek's Anthony Crupi pointed out earlier this week that local and digital ad revenue could hit another $200 million. During a conference call on Wednesday morning, CEO Steve Burke said the company was "'over $100 million,' ahead of its advertising revenue goal right now," according to  The Hollywood Reporter's Georg Szalai. That's got to be a relief after the 2010 winter Olympics, in Vancouver, which cost the network $223 million.

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