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The Huffington Post is no longer just an oasis for laid off print journalists, it's also one for rain-soaked Tampa conventioneers. This week, Arianna Huffington's Internet newspaper is throwing its AOL cash at a "mini-retreat" called the "Oasis" near the Republican National Convention. Apparently, it's quite the luxurious affair as it allows attendees to "unplug and recharge with yoga, massages, facials, reflexology and healthy food." They did the same at the 2008, but the Tampa one sounds extra nice. Oasis event planner Bryan Rafanelli tells HuffPost's Michelle Manetti the goal is to create "a rustic and romantic feel. It had to have comfort and soothing energy. It's all about simplicity and keeping everything as fresh and clean as possible." La di-da! 

All day today, as rainy weather drenched the tiny crowds of protesters, journalists were living it up in the comforting ambiance of HuffPo's candle-lit rest area:


The Huffington Post isn't the only organization spreading some of its cash in these recessionary times: Politico, CNN and Bloomberg are also living it up, too, according to HuffPost's Michael Calderone. 

Politico is creating a "Lounge" for watching evening speeches and drinking cocktails, as well as a "Hub," which will be the location for live events and shows and includes a Coca-Cola-sponsored "Refresh Station."

CNN is once again firing up its "CNN Grills," which serve as both broadcast center and restaurant featuring customized menus for each city, an 8-foot touch-screen wall, and photo booths.

Well, good for you people. We hope you're comfortable. No, no, we're not bitter at all.

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