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Just to be clear, Drag Queen Barbie isn't really a guy, and despite her love of fur, a smoky eye, and diamonds, she isn't a cross dresser. So if that was stopping you, Mattel says it's totally okay for you to buy her. "The term was both created by and incorrectly perpetuated by members of the press," a Mattel spokesperson was quoted as saying by The Daily Beast's Kevin Fallon. "It was never Drag Queen Barbie," David Blond, designer of the alleged Drag Queen Barbie, told Fallon. So we (the press) were, or The Atlantic Wire's David Wagner, was apparently wrong when we surmised that "Blond Diamond Barbie" (as Mattel officially calls her) who was designed by a drag queen was actually a drag queen. Besides, we argued that wasn't that different than any other Barbie. 

But you know, it's not like Mattel is really all that mad. Other than the whole "incorrectly perpetuated..." bit, they sound like they actually like the attention (and this Barbie got plenty of it). The spokesman told Fallon, "Barbie has the unique ability to spark cultural conversation" and Mattel's VP of U.S. Marketing recently told The New York Times' Corbin Chamberlin, "Barbie doesn’t worry about what other people think." She (no, I'm not entirely sure why I am assigning a piece of plastic as a "she") doesn't really care what people think, unless of course, you have a problem with drag queens.

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